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Shevet Tapuz’s registration for 2016-2017 is now Open!

Please Note: All Chanichim are expected to get to Peulot on time wearing the Tzofim Uniforms (“Chaki”). Peulot locations will be disclosed with Shevet’s members via email. click here for more info.

Enrollment to Shevet Tapuz:

1st Step: Shevet Registration:

Complete all required information. For your convenience, the forms are interactive pdf, for you to save on your desktop. Please make sure to email it back to us at tapuzesc[at]gmail[dot]com.

2nd Step: Hanhagah Registration:

Click here to complete Hanhaga Registration forms for enrollment or re-enrollment.


3rd Step: Payment:

Shevet Tapuz’s annual membership fee is $425.

in case of more then one child: 1st  and  2nd child – $425,  3rd and 4th child – $400

First two Peulot are free for trial period.  Additional fee will apply to Tzofim Shirt, day trips and machanot (choref and kaitz) and other fun activities.

Payment options:
  1. Creadit card. Please note: all credit cards will be charged in full. Kindly add 4% per transaction.
  2. Check:  For your convenience, we offer the option to break the amount to three postdated checks:


10/04/2015 – $140
11/04/2015 – $140
12/04/2015 – $145

10/04/2015 – $280
11/04/2015 – $280
12/04/2015- $290

10/04/2015 – $425
11/04/2015 – $425
12/04/2015 – $400

10/04/2015 – $550
11/04/2015- $550
12/04/2015 – $550


 ** Ask us for Shachbag Payments Dates 

Should you need further clarification or have any questions regarding the above payment schedule please contact Keren Treves, Doron Armony or Dorit Fang.